Ed Buziak has been selling his photographic images for more than 40 years to publications all over the world. For the past four years he has also achieved many successful image sales with the Alamy stock agency. Ed is now making available a limited selection of those photos he's seen, shot and sold as beautiful wall-art and greetings cards using the services and expertise of the highly respected FotoMoto enterprise. You can also read here why and how he shot these beautiful images.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Open-Air Books

In this age of digital everything, there are fears that printed books are going to fall by the wayside... but there is still a strong demand for the written and printed word that can be held in both hands, read, closed and put aside for a few hours, can be annotated, underlined and even pages torn from the binding and inserted into one's personal wallet. Or, they can be thrown away after being read... recycled... or let go back to nature. These examples from a popular exhibition in France made their point to the thousands of visitors who stopped, looked and understood an important message!

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