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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Alexander Calder Mobile, Saché, France

It surprised me, the first time I passed through the small town of Saché, in the Touraine region of central France, that there was not a bunch of teenagers swinging on this giant attraction... but there again, this is rural France, and there are no signs of spray-paint graffiti, nor trainers tied together and linked to the bar holding the primary red and blue coloured disks in perfect balance and with invisible strength against, and resisting with opposite force, the breezes of many seasons and years that have swirled over, around and through this simple, classic mobile sculpture by the American artist Alexander Calder. Perhaps the local population are mesmerized by the graceful, unpredictable slow-motion of this "live" creation... it has been located in their town square for many years, overlooked bu Calder's old studio on a hillside above the town.

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